vague sadness & why it’s okay

personal diary


I want to always laugh like this. Head thrown back, body keeled over ready to collapse, hand reaching out to the next person for support and feeling tired, just happily tired. But life doesn’t work like that now, does it, dear? Life, it pull our strings tight we have to unravel sometimes. And you know what? It’s perfectly fine. There is no shame in your loose strings. Let it dangle and sway as you go along. It’s okay to sink into vague sadness – because sometimes, you just want to feel things. It is okay to hide behind big sunglasses at a cafe because you just want to be left alone with your thoughts. It is perfectly alright to be single and have all the time to yourself – get to know you. The best version of you. Your Instagram is not important. The price of your purse is not important. Your dreams and the people you surround yourself with – that’s what’s important. It’s okay to not have a lot of money. It’s okay to live modestly. It’s okay to wear the same dress everyday – because you like it and it fits right on your body. It’s fun to kiss boys and never call them again. It’s fun to blow your bank account to zero to buy an airplane ticket somewhere because new experience shapes you – it gives you more perspective. It makes you realise that the world is huge and it is yours to explore. It’s perfectly fine to be a loner and not have that many friends. Life is uncertain and in some chapters, it will be messy and confusing but it is up to you to write your happy ending. It’s your life and you have all this power to turn it into an amazing story. I want you to know that it’s okay to be unsure and messy. Life confuses you and here I am telling you that it’s okay.

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