the heat & my grouses

personal diary

Baby_Sol (1)

This was exactly two months ago. One day, I will tell you all about my month-long trip to Spain and all the feelings that came with it.

I miss everywhere except where I am right now, which doesn’t even make sense. I’m tired of the weather – the heat and humidity has risen to levels that I can no longer bear. I’m back to chewing ice cubes after meals, an old habit that I absolutely despise. Putting on makeup is a waste of time as it will melt and form a funny gunk in my nasolabial folds. My hair is sticking to my neck and it leaves me no choice but to perpetually have it in a messy bun or a high-ponytail. I can’t bear to chop it off because there will be days when I need to hide behind my curls. It’s depressing to have to make plans only after sundown and by then, I’m already so demotivated and all I want to do is stay in bed in my knickers and read. It all sound so dramatic but, really… this heat is driving me round the bend.

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