in the night quiet

personal diary


I’m missing someone somewhere far. We’ve only met once and it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t expect this, I dragged myself out for our first and only date (so far). I guess this is what happens after a long saga of dating disasters. You grow weary and pessimistic and hesitant and doubtful. You just expect nothing. We have all been there, single and happy being alone but seeking for someone somewhere. It was a Saturday, we had dinner; I had some nibbles and we shared a bottle of wine, silently telling myself he’s a total womanizer – because there I sat and I don’t even half-hate him and that is quite strange. I wasn’t discreetly sending SOS text to a friend, in fact, my iPhone was face-down on the table and I didn’t even look at it once. I actually had a very lovely time. Funny, how very funny. I should stop before I embarrass myself further telling all of you about something that is probably nothing. Or it could be something. I don’t know. Sigh. It is always in the night quiet I let myself drown in feelings. Like tonight. I miss someone somewhere far and it doesn’t make sense.

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