I am lucky enough to experience almost the entire realm of Skinsaikel products. Skincare, I suppose, was never a passion of mine. I could never stick to a routine because I find it rather tedious and a time consuming endeavor, especially when I’m in a morning rush or a tired night. However, at 33 my skin’s texture has changed. It is coarser and far more dry. I also suffer from having combination skin – greasy as doughnut in some areas, dry and flaky like a desert in others and of course the occasional volcanic blemish. We as women collapse when our skin disobeys us. It’s been 4 weeks since I began my Skinsaikel regime. I perform it day and night with army discipline. My face is more dewy, more supple; the few lines that I do have are less pronounced and seem to have become more shallow. Honestly, I can’t believe it took me so long to find and use these products. And that’s the truth. I’m not being paid, why would I lie to you?


My skin is far more dry this time of year with the unbearable heat and the dust doing a lot of damage to the skin, but I refuse to deny myself these grand pleasures – which makes these products solid essentials for me. The steps go as follows: cleansing, toning, followed by moisturiser and concluding in the standard eye cream. Together, they create a calming blanket of layers. Once a week I will exfoliate and use the mask which smells heavenly. The results I’ve seen thus far are definitely keeping me diligent.

The Gentle Cleanser is soap free. A modest amount circled over the face is enough to remove all the dirt and excessive make-up accumulated throughout the day. I like to use my Konjac sponge from Sephora to really scrub all the impurities away. It leaves my skin glowing too. It’s a long lasting product which makes it worth the price. The Vitalising Antioxidant Mist is, for lack of a better word; WONDERFUL. It also doubles as a toner and it smells refreshing. If you were to only buy one product from this post, I would undoubtedly recommend this toner/face mist. The Gentle Moisturizer and Youthful Eye Cream are light, but also, hydrating. It smooths onto the face wonderfully. They make for an incredible (hydrating) duo. It works like magic, I promise. The 1 Minute Facial + Exfoliant is a formula of both AHA and BHA, the two components to help remove dead skin layers and enhance skin turnover. The Radiant Antioxidant Mask is a personal weekly pleasure. A humble amount of this all over my face is a soothing relief; my skin relaxes.

I adore Skinsaikel, they are down-to-earth, environmentally friendly (100% vegan-friendly, cruelty free, free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic colours or fragrance, and other evil ingredients) and ultimately, their products proved effective for me.

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